Workshop Media is your full-service, media production company...

...focused on creating commercial, corporate, lifestyle, and social media video and photography.

We are headquartered in Downtown Durham, North Carolina just outside of the Research Triangle Park, but our team of award-winning filmmakers will travel anywhere to help you tell your story in a creative way using video production and photography.

Online video content is the most powerful method to advertise and position yourself for success in the marketplace. We are here to collaborate with you from concept to completion to help build brand awareness, connect with your customers, and stand out among the competition.


Build, Grow, and Inspire your audience.

Workshop Media is about the hunger for ideas, the passion for creativity, and the drive for excellence. It's where collaboration and creativity meet. It's where ideas are born, where plans are made and goals are reached.

Our passion for compelling content takes us places we would have never gone. It introduces us to some of the best people in the world. And it teaches us that everyone has a story to tell. Workshop has always been a part of us.

Whether in the garage, the classroom, the wilderness or the studio, the workshop has been the place where we can be creative, resourceful, innovative and truly happy working on some of the most awesome ideas with the coolest people. You have big ideas, bigger plans and the biggest goals. So do we.

Workshop Media: Let's Build Together.

I worked with Jeff on a high profile video for my employer, UnitedHealthcare, a Fortune 6 organization.

He was professional, flexible, and created a warm environment for the folks on screen. Some were seasoned and comfortable on camera, some were beginners and needed guidance. Jeff was impressive with each.

The final product was presented to UnitedHealthcare executive leadership - very well received. I look forward to working with him again soon!!
— Tommy O'Connor, Executive Director - UnitedHealthcare Medicare