• Discovery + Conceptualization

    • You are super unique and we totally get that. We will dig into what makes you, you. What is your message? Do you have a voice? Who is your target audience? What are your goals? From there, we craft ideas that aim to exceed your expectations (and we won't stop until we do).


  • Pre-Production + Project Management

    • You've built an awesome brand and that didn't happen over night. Producing a high quality video takes the same attention to detail. Planning and preparation is extremely important in making something so special that people want to join you, buy from you, or talk about you. We will create an outline, script, storyboards, and filming plans that get us all on the same page and ready for production.


  • Production + Execution

    • And, Action! We've thought through everything and we are prepped to execute! We have all crew, talent, locations, and equipment in place and are ready to record. Super slow-motion, 4K resolution, and more!

  • Post-Production + Polishing

    • That's a wrap! Now, it's time for us to edit it all together and make movie magic with sound design, motion graphics, music, and color grading!



Topnotch aesthetics, developed with proven professionalism separate this company from the hard. Drawing on platform versatility with a deep vein of creativity, Workshop Media is a sound choice for your video needs.
— Jay Edge